Encryption Software and Data Protection

Protect data by detecting and defending it from unauthorised access to and encryption of all crucial files and folders. Always be a step ahead in securing your data, with a single console that gives you total control over all your devices and presents you with detailed, transparent, real-time reports requiring minimal human effort. Our data protection solution is bound to adapt to your business needs upon quick installation.

The intuitive administrative abilities will point out vulnerabilities and oddities in your data. The solution works in the background seamlessly while you perform your tasks- blocking harmful content from entering or leaving the workspace.

Easily integrate our solution to software asset management, unified endpoint management as well as service management. These solutions are compatible with various operating systems, hypervisors, servers, and cloud systems.

Enhance the security layer of your data using our best-in-class encryption solutions that are capable of providing- cloud storage encryption without storing the encryption keys in the cloud; encryption of removable devices, folder encryption, disk encryption etc.

Our solutions ensure the data is safeguarded from unauthorised access, manipulation, and accidental loss. Decrypt your files using passwords saved remotely with restricted access. No more worrying about transferring your data to/from foreign devices.