Data Back Up and Disaster Recovery Software Solution

Powered with Disk Imaging, Snapshot and Replication technology to handle backup, recovery, data growth, virtualisation, and big data management, our exceptional solutions help you modernise back-up and recovery, adapt to data growth and virtualisation, and streamline management of huge data.

ASTER GLOBAL offers backup and recovery solutions to on-premises, hybrid cloud, hosted cloud, and native cloud systems for any business environment to safeguard critical data and drive operational efficiencies by reducing backup time, improving data recovery, and cutting infrastructure, tape, and administrative costs.

We offer a wide range of technological advantages from the world leaders in data protection and system management. Award-winning backup technology, that starts with almost zero learning curve, captures everything in one simple step. One-step system deployment tools perform fast, cost-effective system maintenance and smart storage management utilities boost system performance. Everything can be managed using a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Disaster Recovery Services

We deliver low-cost, rapid action management of your critical applications in cloud that provide business continuity. Flexible data recovery restores anything—from a single file to an entire server, saving the on-premise mission-critical data in a few simple steps. Multi-destination support sends data anywhere including cloud. The rise of virtualisation, the explosion of data creation, and the opportunities Cloud services offer are bringing new challenges to maintaining effective backup and disaster recovery programs for critical data. We can help you securely migrate, protect, and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. With a Unified Platform and next-generation technology, innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership while improving your recovery time objectives.

We specialise in backup and recovery of PCs, Windows servers, VMware & Hyper-V servers, XEN, SQL, Exchange & other databases so you have always have access to business-critical resources. It runs on a wide variety of platforms, applications, operating systems like LINUX, Windows, Netware and more. The features include special functions for backup and restore of mail and groupware servers like Open-Xchange, MS-Exchange, Scalix, Zarafa, Lotus Domino and GroupWise. Additional extensions exist for hypervisors. To ensure business continuity, reduce risks, and simplify backup management, Aster Global provides solution that satisfies all of customer’s needs.