Since the IT decisions you make today stand to impact your company for years to come, you need to make certain your IT needs align with your business goals. With the move toward software-driven systems, your IT department can become much more streamlined, secure, and cost effective. Yet, it’s challenging to keep up with emerging technologies when you have a business to run and fires to put out. Where do you turn to make the best choices for your needs? You need a trusted partner to help you find the stable stepping stones to traverse the new ecosystem and pivot when needed, without incurring massive expenses.

Aster Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Bangalore, is a technology company offering top-notch products and services, focusing on data management and security-providing solutions that have an easy-to-use backup, sync, protection, and accessibility landscape which help customers around the world store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious corporate assets - their Data. Just what businesses need today!

We work with global leaders, churning comprehensive end-to-end solutions whilst providing superior customer experience in Data Management, Security and Storage solutions that address data requirements that make your IT infrastructure cloud, data, and security ready.

Our mission is to help businesses to modernise their data management by eliminating complexities with our customised solutions that help our customers take advantage of modern data management, protection and recovery strategy. We help our customers accomplish more with less.

We value innovation and creativity that improves the quality of life.